Happy Easter!

As parents couldn’t celebrate with us in our normal Easter Service this year we have created a video depicting the Easter Story featuring every class.  We hope you enjoy it! Each class looked at the whole story and then focused on a section each.

Ducklings- Palm Sunday – made donkeys and Palm leaves and re-enacted the story

Yr.1 – Judas betrays Jesus with 30 pieces of silver – coin pictures, crosses and handprint banners

Yr.2 Jesus is Risen – the empty tomb scenes and making of angels

Yr.3 The Last supper – Drama and amazing peg people

Yr.4 The Trial of Jesus and Pilate washing his hands of the responsibility of Jesus’ death, made crowns of thorns and  stained hands

Yr.5 Putting the story together with the text, narrating it and creating the stained glass windows for each scene.

Yr.6 The crucifixion – stop frame animations using lego. 

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