13th May 2021

Tiki Time with Yr.4

Some children in Yr.4 who choose to spend a lot of time with Tiki in their own lunch and break times got a special treat yesterday afternoon.  They worked to train Tiki in agility and tricks and had a lot of fun together. This is shown in the video and photos below.  We have some Continue reading

Year 4 Shuttle Run

Recently Year 4 participated in a shuttle run activity, the children had to run up and down between two points in the hall ten times. This involves accelerating, sprinting a short distance and then decelerating, turning and then setting off again. This requires good control and all the children did very well. Today some medals Continue reading

Value of the Term

Our Value of the term is Respect. The whole school has been learning exactly what this means and we have had discussions where children have discussed what this value actually means to them in their lives. Every Class created a respect piece of work to explain to others exactly what respect is. The result is Continue reading

Year 1 and 2 Kent School Games

Last week years 1 and 2 took part in a Kent School Games competition, concentrating on their agility skills. There were 5 different activities which included; speed bounce, chest push, long jump, shuttle run and pitcher (bean bags in hoops). All children took part and completed the activities. The results came in today and we Continue reading

Bottle Rockets and Exploding Bags

To finish our topic on reversible and irreversible reactions Yr.6 braved the rain and headed to the playground.  There they used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create chemical, irreversible reactions.  Firstly they used sandwich bags to contain the carbon dioxide produced in the chemical reaction.  This caused the bag to blow up really tightly Continue reading

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Reflecting Light

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