Owls at Leeds Castle

What a fantastic start to a busy and exciting Summer term for the Owls- a day at the lovely Leeds Castle!

The coach ride itself was greatly exciting for our Owls- most couldn’t recall the last time they had been on one since it would have probably been in 2019, so it all felt like a great adventure. On the way Mrs Cadwallader read them the story of the Leeds Castle Swan Princess – as they would be performing the tale in their very own play later that morning.

What a talented bunch of children the Owls are when it comes to acting! Everyone got into costumes and the performance began; the tale of a wicked Baba Yaga witch, a brave knight and a cursed Swan Princess. We marched around the castle grounds as a brave army, booed Prince Blackcloak and cheered when the King and Queen of the Lake got their daughter back. The staff at the castle were so impressed by the children’s behavior and talent, it was a great way for them to re-start their Educational Program for the Summer.

A picnic in the sun with friends is always a wonderful way to have lunch – although there were some very cheeky ducks that kept waddling up and trying to pinch our crisps! We then had time to play in the brilliant adventure playground before heading into the main castle for a  private tour. 

The Owls were fascinated to be inside a real life castle and hear a different fairytale in each room.  We all decided we would like to live there, especially when we saw the huge dining table all set up with fancy decorations, what a party we would have!

It was a wonderful day, with the children behaving beautifully and having so much fun being out and about.

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