Summer Term in Class 3

Dear Parent/Carer,

Summer Term 6:

Topic:  We will continue to learn about The Tudors for the remainder of this term.  We will be taking some ideas from the children about what they would like to find out about.  We have now confirmed out trip to Hever Castle on 24th June and are looking forward to a fun and educational day out! 

Art:  Integrated throughout our topic, RE and science projects this term.

Science: Our topic is Light this term.  We will be learning about light sources, reflection and shadows and anything else that the children want to find out about.

Numeracy: The focus of this term will be measurement which will include: money, length, weight and area and perimeter.  We will integrate problem solving activities into our learning, once a level of understanding and confidence has been reached.  We will use manipulatives, where necessary, to help children to understand and will follow the ‘maths mastery’ approach to learning. Those children who have a good grasp of this area of maths will be encouraged to choose challenges, as we progress.  We will also be focusing on fluency in recounting times tables and have regular activities to encourage participation and home learning.

Literacy:  We are reading The Diary of a Killer Cat, by Anne Fine, and for the first couple of weeks our writing will be based on this book. We will then continue with a unit of work on London, giving the children opportunities to cover non-fiction texts. We will continue to practice our spellings and to use the strategies we have learnt so far to help with independent writing.  Guided reading sessions will continue daily and those children who need more practice will be heard on a one-to-one basis.  I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to support your child at home with regular opportunities to read, as part of our joint approach to improving reading fluency and comprehension skills.

R.E: We are continuing to look at ‘the big story’ of the Bible and our theme this term is Kingdom of God.  We will explore this through a variety of activities, including art.

P.E: Will be on Mondays and Fridays. We will be playing rounders this term.  We will continue with swimming and you have the dates for these sessions.

ICT:  We will cover a variety of skills this term, consolidating the topics we have covered so far this year. These skills will be integrated throughout other lessons also.

PLEASE make sure your child has their FULL PE kit in school at all times and that they have their swimming kits on the appropriate days (alternate Fridays throughout the term). PE is a vital part of the curriculum and children hate to miss out when they do not have the correct kit with them.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Willson.

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