18th June 2021

Social Club A- Week 2

This week in social club we have enjoyed spending our time in the playground. We were very lucky and had hot dogs outside! We have also been to the ICT suite this week. The children spent  time making lovely hammer bead craft.

Social Club B- Week 2

This week in social club we have been busy playing with the tents and equipment outside. We have also been on the bikes in the sunshine. The children enjoyed building towers and houses with the lego blocks. As a treat we got to eat dinner outside. This was very exciting!

Eagles’ Maths Week

This week in maths we have returned to measuring in cms and mms. We chose whether to use a ruler, a metre stick, a tape measure or even a piece of string to measure certain objects. We can also draw straight lines with a ruler in any direction including vertical, horizontal and diagonal. We know Continue reading

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Rock Steady Music

Yesterday, the whole school had treat from Rock Steady Music.  First they were introduced to…

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