Dover Castle Trip

Our first trip out for a very long time was a huge success!. We were very lucky with the weather and enjoyed not only the trip to the castle but we got to see where Joseph Bleriot landed his plane when he flew across the channel, making him the first to ever cross safely. We were also excited to see the Disney Cruise ship in Dover harbour too! When we arrived at the castle each group got a chance to visit the Great Tower and explore the rooms inside. There was a huge well that was very deep and when water was tipped into it it took 10 seconds to reach the bottom! We also got to see a Trebuchet, a copy of the Mappa Mundi and the Roman Pharos Lighthouse which is said to be the oldest building in England. The staff of Dover Castle were so welcoming and said it was so lovely to hear and see the children back again after such a long time. A very good day indeed!

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