Groombridge Place

Eagles had a great time at Groombridge Place yesterday. We had the whole place to ourselves really as there was only a handful of other people there! We explored the forest and saw Jurassic Tree Ferns and huge leaves belonging to the Gunnera plant. There was a wishing pool that people had thrown money into to make a wish and lots of different trees and plants to identify. We then trundled up the hill to the teepee tents and pretended that we lived in the forest! We watched a bird flying display that included an eagle called Vespa that had a huge wing span and flew really close to our heads! Then they flew an eagle owl, which was equally as massive, over us and we had to duck down! The last bird to fly was only eight weeks old and it was a young long eared owl, it was very cute. We also went in the maze and saw a peacock, we did collect two of its feathers but one of the adults (we’re mentioning no names) left them on the bus!!

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