Owls at Sea!

What could  be a more perfect way to finish our Coasts and Folkestone  topic focus this term -than a private boat tour all around our local coastline!

Owls were so excited to go to sea on the  Folkestone Voyager. They had been so patient waiting  weeks for the perfect combination of tides and weather that when they finally got to head down to the harbour they were singing with excitement. 

Leaving the harbour and heading out through the arches was so exciting- we waved at everyone on the harbour arm and they all waved back – and we got to see some of the parts of the outer harbour not normally visible from the shore. It was fun to spot the train speeding out through the tunnel on it’s way to Dover. Some of us were even lucky enough to spot the seals who had popped up to see what we doing. 

We noticed the cliffs, beaches, the warren, the sea defences , the old war defences from WW2 and even the  martello towers. We learnt to spot where the power cables go under the channel and where some of the soil from the digging of the channel tunnel ended up.

Skipper Neal even got us up to speed with some nautical language – port and starboard and bow and stern. We reckon we’d make very  good crewmates.

Huge thank you to Skipper Neal, Chris and Alan who made us feel so welcome and taught the children so much. What a fun day out – and all just five minutes from our school – how lucky we are to live in Folkestone.


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