September 2021

Cricket Tournament

Although it was very windy, some of Year 6 had a great time participating in the Folkestone council cricket tournament. The scores were very close and we came in third place overall winning some very nice medals. All the children showed super sportsmanship and behaved extremely well. It was a pleasure to be out with Continue reading

Floating and Sinking

Today the children started exploring the properties of different materials, finding out which materials will float and sink, in order to discover which material would be best for building a pirate ship. The children all predicted what they thought would happen and then tested the materials to see if they were correct. We were surprised Continue reading

Eagle Class Emails

This week, the children in Eagles have been learning about online safety and sending emails. All the children enjoyed sending an email to Barnaby Bear, including drawing him a picture. The children were very excited to receive an instant reply from Barnaby Bear. We had great fun learning an important skill, one which they may Continue reading

RE in Year 5

This term we have been discussing the question ‘What does it mean if God is holy and loving?’ We have created word clouds on the computer and included all the words that we think relates to our question. We then went on to take a look at some different texts taken from Psalms, Isaiah and Continue reading

Ducklings learning about Creation

This morning we thought about how Christians believe God made everything. All of us joined in by following the actions and singing to our Creation Song. We split into our groups and enjoyed a treasure hunt to find our four key words which were: Creation, God, Christians and Bible. By gathering leaves, snails and twigs Continue reading

Comparing Numbers

Over the past two weeks, Owls have been thinking carefully about comparing numbers in Maths. The children were introduced to 3 important signs to compare numbers and objects, greater than, less than and equals. Yesterday the children worked in teams to order objects from either the smallest number to the greatest number or the greatest Continue reading

Knowledge and Action Worship

It was very exciting in Worship today, we learnt  how important it is to have some knowledge and act on it. When knowledge and action are put together we can all make a difference. We saw some very skilful riding of a unicycle and an amazing reaction when two liquids were added together, one representing Continue reading

Experimenting with Colour

Ducklings read the book about the adventures of the Colour Monster starting school. We discussed his feelings and how we felt about beginning school. After this we became scientists by experimenting with mixing prime colours and seeing how we could create new ones.    

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