Year 4 Autumn Term 1

Dear Parent/Carer,

Welcome back to a new school year! I hope that you have had a lovely summer break. The first week back has been a great start to the new school year and the children have settled into year 4 incredibly well. 

This Autumn term, year 4 will be learning all about Ancient Egypt. 

Literacy: We will be looking at writing stories, dairy entries and newspaper reports and linking it to our class reading book ‘The secrets of a sun king’ by Emma Carroll. The children will also be improving their grammar and comprehension skills.  

Numeracy: The focus in maths this term will be on place value and as well as addition and subtraction. The children will also be learning all of their timetable facts up to 12×12. 

Science: This half term our topic for science is Sound, so we will be looking at how sound is made and the different components. 

Topic: We will be looking into Ancient Egypt in more detail. The children will be learning about different Artefacts, the River Nile, Pyramids, Mummification, Hieroglyphics and the food produced.  

Computing: We will be writing for different audiences and therefore improving processing skills.

R.E: In R.E we are going to be learning about the Christians story of the creation of the world. 

French: This term in French the children are going to be focusing on the topic ‘Getting to know you’. 

Music: In music this term the children will be linking the theme of Ancient Egypt and will be learning to identify pitch and rhythm, as well as preparing songs for the Harvest Celebration. Year 4 will also be learning to play the violin as a whole class. 

Art: This term in art the children will be linking their art to Ancient Egypt. They will be creating self-portraits, as well as Pharaoh headdresses.  

P.E: We will be doing Hockey, Swimming and Lacrosse. Hockey will be every Wednesday and Lacrosse will be on Friday’s when the children are not swimming. PE kits need to stay in school every day just in case of any changes.

Homework: Homework grids will be sent out each term. Children choose an activity from the grid each week to take on as their homework. Spelling will be sent home on a Monday to be learnt for the following Monday. Reading and simply enjoying books at home with your child will help further their development, as well as helping them learn their timetables up to 12×12 due to a Government official test. 

If there are any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Miss Giles (Year 4 teacher)

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