8th October 2021

Social club- Week 5

This week in social club we have based our activities around Autumn. The children have decorated hedgehog pictures with leaves and painted trees using their handprints. We have also made scarecrows out of the inside of toilet rolls. Social club have used fruit and paint to make beautiful pictures. We have also played games and Continue reading

Animation Workshop.

This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to be invited to an animation workshop at The Creative Quarter.  The children made their very own characters and were able to use a computer programme to make them come to life and move. They took inspiration from Triennial artist Jason Wilsher Mills, who has created ‘I am Continue reading

Topic in Year 5

We have been looking at the temples and buildings of the Mayan civilisation in Topic this week and have been thinking about where the stone came from and how it would have been transported through the rainforest at that time. We then went on to build our own Mayan temples from clay.

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