12th October 2021

Tiki Club

Yr.6 have been enjoying Tiki club this term.  They have learnt how to get her to do several tricks including, sit, down, paw, touch, spin, bow and roll over.  They have also been doing agility with her, she has gone through tunnels, under hoops, over jumps and onto tables.  Well done Yr.6 we have lots Continue reading

Bread Making

As part of their work on microorganisms Yr.6 baked their own bread rolls.  They found that the yeast respired which caused the bread to rise and become light and fluffy with air spaces.  As you can see they made some great rolls and worked well in teams to create the dough.

Independent Learning Folkestone Triennial

This term our Independent Learning theme was celebrating the Folkestone Triennial. We have been out exploring lots of the exhibits and have spent time researching our favourite installations. The class then worked in groups, partners or by themselves to replicate their favourite installation using different creative media of their choice. They carefully planned their project, Continue reading

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