November 2021

Repeating Patterns

Owls had lots of fun completing a range of practical activities on repeating patterns. I was very impressed with how they were able to challenge themselves by trying out shape and colour patterns with up to 5 different pieces in a pattern!

Waterproof Materials

This week in Science we have been thinking about waterproof materials. On Thursday, Owls received an important email from some little bears asking them to help their friends get across a river safely whilst staying  dry. Owls accepted the challenge and independently experimented with 6 different materials: cotton wool, foil, tissue, paper, fabric and a Continue reading

Social Club week 4

This week in social club we have made Christmas glitter plants. The children loved using the glitter! Social club continued with their scrap books and built huge speed stack towers. The children have played with the scoot boards and enjoyed colouring.

Instructions for being an explorer

Today the children acted out  instructions for being an explorer.  As a class, we decided the actions for each of the instructions, ready to perform to each other. The next step is for the children to use the actions to help them write the instructions. Well done everyone! 

The Wise and Foolish Builders

Year 6 have been looking at ‘Gospels’ in RE and what we can learn from them. This week, we studied the story of ‘The Wise and Foolish Builders’, where the wise builder built his house on the rock and the foolish builder, built his house on the sand. We thought about how important it is Continue reading

Yr.6 Worship Leaders

Yr.6 told us all about Florence Nightingale this morning and explained how she lived out lots of our school values. They also led us in our strapline, Bible verse and prayers.

Dissolving and Reacting

Yr.6 looked at dissolving this morning in Science. They changed the rate of dissolving by using water at different temperatures.  They found that the hotter the water the quicker the rate of dissolving. They then used Alka Seltzer in water and found that it not only dissolved but also reacted in the water.  It created Continue reading

The Real Power of Music

On Monday, the whole school had a treat from Alex McNiece, who came in to run a music workshop.  We looked at how music can affect your mood, emotions, well being, communication, friendships and academic success.  We also had a lot of fun creating music and learning some fun songs.  

Love in a Box

Yesterday, we held our Love in a Box service in church.  The children thought about how they had shown love to others by choosing, purchasing and wrapping their gifts.  We looked at the journey the boxes would take in a lorry all the way from Folkestone to Moldova.  Last year the Mustard Seed charity, who Continue reading

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