Autumn Term 2 – Class 3

Dear Parent/Carer,

This term we will be building on the learning we have covered so far, and using the recent assessments to inform our future planning.

Topic: We are learning all about the countries that make up The UK this term.  We will be introducing some geographical skills (map reading, co-ordinates and atlas work) along with a focus on a local area study.  We hope we will be able to take the children out around Folkestone to explore evidence of how this town has grown and changed over time.

Art: Our art work will be integrated into other areas of learning, particularly RE this term.

Science: Animals including Humans is our focus and will be taught over the next two terms.  Themes such as healthy eating and the purpose of the skeleton will be covered, with opportunities for some individual research in ICT. 

Numeracy: We have begun to build on the children’s prior knowledge in maths and have so far covered place value and number.  This term we will continue with calculation strategies, with a focus on addition and subtraction. Mental calculation skills are a starting point but we will progress onto written methods by the end of this term. As ever, times tables will have an important role to play in ensuring your child feels confident in number.  We will be focusing on fluency in recounting times tables and have regular activities to encourage participation and home learning.

Literacy: The children have worked hard this last term to put into practise new learning in our daily writing sessions.  We will be exploring poetry this term and have fun with exploring ways to express ourselves creatively through poetry.  We will be concentrating on good word choice and extending children’s vocabulary and use of punctuation in their poems.  We will end this term with letter writing with a Christmas theme!

R.E: Our Big Question is What is the Trinity?  We will explore what texts about baptism and Trinity might mean and how Christians show their beliefs about God the Trinity in worship and in the way they live.

P.E: Will be on Tuesdays and Fridays. We will be going swimming alternative Fridays. This term we will be continuing with our work on netball.

ICT:  We will teach children about effective ways to research on the internet.  They will be able to use these skills in all areas of their learning.

French: This term we will be learning about transport!

PLEASE make sure your child has their FULL PE kit in school at all times and that it is clearly named.  PE is a vital part of the curriculum and children hate to miss out when they do not have the correct kit with them.

Finally, we have asked the children to complete two pieces of homework this term.  As always, we will be sending the options home with them and you can also find them on the class blog. They can of course complete more than 2 and we look forward to seeing what they get up to at home.

If you have any questions or concerns then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to working with you together this year.

Thanks for your continued support,

Miss Willson and Mrs Purver.

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