Year 4 – Term 2

Dear Parent/ Carer

During the second half of the Autumn term, year 4 will be covering the following topics:

Literacy: This term in Literacy year 4 are going to be studying two books ‘Egyptian Cinderella’ and ‘A Christmas Carol. We are going to be covering inverted commas, homophones, apostrophes, as well as developing our language through verbs, adverbs and adjectives. In addition, we will be working on spelling and reading. 

Numeracy: We will be carrying on with the addition and subtraction unit. We will then begin learning about length and perimeter, as well as multiplication and division towards the end of the term. We will also continue to learn our timetables. 

Geography: This half term in geography our topic is Europe.  We will be learning about the different countries which make up Europe and where it is located on a map. 

Computing: We will be learning about how to research safely on the internet and also developing our PowerPoint skills.  

RE: This term we will be studying the birth of Jesus and about him being the light of the world, along with the Trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We are also going to think about Hinduism.

Topic: We will continue looking at Ancient Egypt by studying their beliefs about life after death, tombs, pyramids and mummification. Egyptian hieroglyphics and numbers along with finding out about the life and death of Tutankhamun is also part of the topic.

DT:                  We will be looking at and designing our own canopic jars.

PSHE: The topic for PHSE will be around being a TEAM. 

Music:              We will be thinking about Christmas and describing instruments.

French:            Food and mealtimes are the themes this term.

PE: This term we will be continuing with swimming and football on a Friday. We will also be covering gymnastics and developing our flexibility, movement, control and sequences. 

This term a homework choice grid will be sent home, one piece of homework from the grid must be completed each week. Five spellings will be sent home to learn each week, there will then be a test on those five and the previous week’s five spellings.

Reading and simply enjoying books at home with your child will also further their development as will helping them learn their times tables. 

I hope this will give you a further insight into your child’s education. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours faithfully

Miss Giles 

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