Year 5 Wilder Blean at Wildwood

We were lucky to receive free entry and a workshop at Wildwood yesterday about introducing Bison back in to Blean Woods, which are situated at the back of Wildwood. Our workshop was all about animals found in The British Isles in the Ice Age and surprisingly all the animals we had to look at were found here then. We all voted that Mr Edgar should be the volunteer in the workshop and so he had to be dressed as a bison! Then some of the children were chosen to dress up as different animals and insects to demonstrate the food chains and life cycles of all wildlife in the woods and how the bison will be of great importance to the maintenance of the wood. We then went on a tour with Adam who went on to tell us more about the birds and animals we will see as we walked around. As you can see from the images we saw quite a few including some lazy wallabies who were soaking up the sun and luckily one of the bison came out to say hello!

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