2nd December 2021

Eagles Ice Exploration!

Today in Eagles Class we explored the properties of ice. We used salt and syringes filled with water to turn ice back into it’s liquid state. We discovered amazing crevices created by the salt and inside we found Christmas suprises. Then we looked at different shaped ice cubes to see how they rolled! It was Continue reading

Teddy Toast

This week in literacy we have been focusing on the story ‘Where’s my Teddy?’, by Jez Alborough. Today Owls received an exciting letter from Freddy the Teddy asking them if they have ever tried teddy toast. Freddy also sent the owls some instructions and ingredients for teddy toast, to follow and make their own. The Continue reading

Elephant Toothpaste

Yesterday, Yr.6 created a chemical reaction using hydrogen peroxide.  They added washing up liquid and used yeast as a catalyst to split the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.  The oxygen in the presence of the detergent caused a huge reaction which created a substance that looked like toothpaste on the scale of an elephant.

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Creative Day

Today we should have been exploring the rainforest biome at Kew Gardens but as that…

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