The Great Fire of London

Our Topic this term is The Great Fire of London. We have been learning all about how the fire started and burned for four days and nights. We have been focusing on how the fire spread and we used the local buildings to help us understand how the buildings may have looked in 1666. We positioned ourselves as close together as houses in London would have been, to learn how the fire spread so easily.

On Monday in our classroom we found an old suitcase that the builders had dug up over the weekend. It was very dirty and we opened it up to find out where it had come from and who might have buried it. Inside was a block of cheese, a bottle of  wine, a picture of a man in old fashioned clothes and a bottle with a diary entry inside. The diary was signed by Samuel Pepys.  He wrote a diary explaining how the fire had started and how people reacted. We are finding it a very interesting topic to learn about. 

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