22nd March 2022

Year 3 KIC theatre

It was so lovely to welcome back Ian, the children remembered their last workshop with him and were so excited to get stuck in to another drama session. We were transported back to 79AD and were asked to get ourselves into families and create homes. Each family was given a role to support our town, Continue reading

Year 1-Kic Theatre

Owls enjoyed being weather experts in Kic theatre. The children listened to a story about different types of weather and had to act out the activities you would do. Owls had a snowball fight, jumped in puddles, struggled in the fog and melted in the sun. The children were extremely good at ice skating! 

Aboriginal Art

Last week in Owls we focused our computing and art lessons on Aboriginal art. We have spotted Aboriginal art in our class story book, Big Rain Coming. We learnt that Aboriginal art is a traditional piece of art using dots, typically using warm colours. We had a very relaxing afternoon completing both digital and physical Continue reading

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Social club

This week in social club the children had their dance session. They had to think…

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