Roman Day

Today year 3 rocked the Roman look. We started the day, very excitedly, with a Roman Sandal Parade in worship followed by a fab lesson delivered by a local History teacher and one of the children’s parents. He taught us about features of Roman towns and our Folkestone Roman villa. The children then planned their own Roman town and made sure to include features like a forum, an amphitheatre, shops and villas. Next he showed us features found inside a Roman villa and spoke about Lullingstone Roman villa (which we will be visiting on Wednesday.) We learnt about the heating systems, known as hypocaust, and the decorative mosaics including the famous Bellerophon and the Chimaera which we will keep an eye out for when we visit. The children then planned and decorated their own mosaic. After a quick play, we then turned our attention to preparing our Roman feast. We washed and chopped plenty of fruit and vegetables that the Romans would have eaten and also prepared an Ancient Roman flatbread recipe. We began the afternoon with a look at Roman coins and made our own using clay, before heading outside for a Roman photo shoot. When the children came back inside, the classroom had been set up for the Roman banqueting feast. The children enjoyed causally reclining and socialising whilst eating their delicious feast. Today has been crammed packed with Roman activities and has certainly been a fantastic way to celebrate the end of our Roman topic. A special thank you to Mr Millard for your time, knowledge and inspiration, Year 3 had a fantastic time today.

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