Lullingstone Roman Villa

What an incredible day year 3 had at Lullingstone Roman Villa. We had the amazing Naomi lead us on our workshop which included a tour of different parts of the villa, a demonstration of how the hypocaust system worked using a model of the villa and a heat source (hairdryer), investigating the Roman strigil (which was used to scrape off the oils that they would put on their scrim to cleanse before entering the baths) and a mini archaeological dig (where we had to use the brushes to discover Roman pottery, coins and puzzle pieces which would be collated together to form the two different friezes discovered during the Roman Villa excavation (did you know it actually took the archaeologists 18 years to piece together the real ones!) Naomi was very impressed with our knowledge of the Romans and had even seen our blog from our Roman day so knew we were going to be mini experts on the mosaics. The screeches of excitement that echoed through the villa when the children saw the mosaics (the Bellerophon, Pegasus and the Chimaera) was truly magical. After the workshop it was time for lunch and the afternoon was spent touring the rest of the villa and interacting with the different exhibits. A fab day was had by everyone and several comments were made throughout the day about the children’s fantastic behaviour and knowledge. Well done Year 3!

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