Holi Fun Run 2022

After a delay because of bad weather last term, on Friday 22nd April 2022 we all finally got to take part in our Holi/Holy Fun Run. If this had gone ahead on the planned date it would have tied in with both Holy week and the Hindu Festival of Holi so we combined the two with our fun run and Easter egg hunt.

Both Penny and Miss Laws would have thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon just as much as all the children and teachers did, so this is a really positive way to remember them.

We managed to get some pictures of some of the action and there will be a video to follow as soon as possible (links below to last years event for you to enjoy again also.)

This year we not only wanted to raise money to donate to Cancer Research, we wanted to use some of the money raised to pay for some fun and exciting events for the children.

Last year we managed to raise an incredible £4130 as well as having a lot of fun so we have included the Go Fund Me Page below for you to share with friends and family and we will let you know the total amount we manage to collect as soon as we can. Thank you to all for your generosity so far.




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