Jack and the Beanstalk

Over the last couple of days, Owls have had a very exciting encounter with Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk. On Monday we found a letter from Jack, telling us he was planning to sneak back up the beanstalk for one final time. However, Jack explained that he didn’t have a bag to bring back the goods and therefore asked Owls to work in teams to make him one! Owls were keen to accept his request and made bags from just string, tape and paper. That evening the bags were left outside, in hope Jack would use them for his adventure.

The next day we found a mud trail in the classroom leading to another letter. The letter thanked the children for their bags and told them there was something special left inside. Upon opening their bags, Owls found golden beans and golden eggs left by Jack. One group who showed great teamwork was also left gold bars! The children then spent their literacy lesson writing a letter to thank Jack for giving them the golden beans and eggs.

Jack kindly left us some magic beans, coins and more golden eggs to use for our Maths lesson. The children had to pick a number, make it with the objects left by Jack and finally divide it by two to see if it made equal groups!

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