Judaism Week

During our Judaism week we learnt about the importance of Abraham to the faith of Judaism. We had already learnt about Abraham when we learnt about People of God in Term 1, so it was lovely to hear so many of the children making links to their previous learning. After they recapped the story of Abraham they put together and performed a piece of drama retelling the story in different roles. We also learnt about the ten commandments and talked about which commandment we felt was most important and why. The children then created a list of three commandments that they would live by today. The children used their geography skills when they used an atlas to locate where in the world Judaism was founded and where in the world the faith of Judaism has spread to. Our week culminated with learning about the Torah. We learnt about how this is a special book that contains the first five books of the Hebrew bible, composed by Moses. We learnt that Jews would use a yad to read the Torah becuase it is a sacred manuscript that is not touched by the hand. We also learnt that it is read from right to left. We all created our own versions of a Torah and used the Hebrew alphabet to make marks. Some of the children even created their own yads and practised reading from right to left.

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