On Friday, during our Art session, Year 6 have been studying human form. We began last week by looking at artefacts found from the Indus Valley. We will use these for inspiration to create our own Indus Valley style statues. We began by looking at how to draw a human from a stick figure. We used sculptures by Nina Grey to inspire our drawings. We learnt that she used a scale of 1:7 for the proportions of her figures and used this to create our own. Finally, we linked our drawings back to the artefacts found from the Indus Valley by experimenting with the positions of our figure’s limbs. This week we began to create our sculptures by creating a wire armature, this will be the main support and act as a skeleton for our sculptures. The children used their drawings from last week and a lot of patience, trial and error to shape their armatures into the correct positions. Here are a few of them from this week. I hope you look forward to seeing these progress over the next two weeks.

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