Year 6 Sleepover!

What a brilliant night! The children had lots of fun at our end of SATs sleepover. We started the evening by making dens to sleep in. The den game was very strong this year (even though we had a slight issue of a collapsed den in the middle of the night!). We then made our way to Lubens and had a delicious pizza dinner. The children cleared their plates. We headed back to school for some fun in the playground. This included a bouncy castle, bucking bronco and some traditional games. The bucking bronco proved to be a huge hit with not just the children but the adults too! We had a competition of who could stay on for the longest. Harriet won the girls trophy, Boaz won the boys and Mrs Buchanan won the staff trophy. I think there may be some aching legs today! 

After all the fun in the playground, we headed inside for a game of hide and seek around the school. Mr Brinkley found some great places to hide as did Tilly who lasted two whole rounds in the same hiding place! Who knew there were so many places to hide in the school?! Under tables, inside lockers, on top of shelves. Luckily order has been restored in the school now. The children settled down to watch a film with a huge array of snacks! To end the evening, we headed back outside to toast marshmallows and drink hot chocolates. It was very exciting to be in the playground so late at night. It was such a clear evening, we even managed to see some stars. 

Our sleepover ended with a delicious cooked breakfast made by Mrs Price and Mrs O’Callaghan it was a fantastic end to the week! The children deserved it all due to their hard work and fantastic behaviour. I think they may be a little tired today! 

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