Seascapes in Eagles

On Wednesday afternoon in Year 2 we created our own art work titled ‘Seascapes’.  We began looking at artwork created by Piet Mondrian. We had already seen some of his work a couple of terms ago and recreated it using the computers. This time though we were using an unusual method of recreating a similar style of art – TEABAGS!

As we are focusing on seascapes, we also spent some time looking at and talking about other famous artwork on seascapes. Together we talked about the different colours the sea can be, and the piece of art on The Leas ‘The Colour Of Water’ created by Spencer Finch in 2011.

Using a limited colour palate to reflect the colours we can see in the oceans, we had to use shade and tone and mix the colours together, then we used the teabags to print the colours onto card. The result was fantastic and our completed art is now on display in the corridor for the rest of the school to enjoy.

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