Parent Letter – Term Six

Dear Parents

Ducklings will be exploring our new topic of Seasides.  As this is our final term and to aid transition into KS1, we will be working with Year 1. This will include sports day, creative day and a KS1 day at the beach, weather permitting! We will conclude this term with a transition week, all about moving to Owls (Year 1) 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

The emphasis will be very much on working together as part of a whole school team. We will focus even more on independence, especially in their learning, to prepare them for Year 1.

 Literacy: Our focus will still be on encouraging the children to become readers as quickly as possible. The children are in mixed Read Write Inc groups across the school in accordance with our school phonics scheme. Most of the children now know their letter sounds so the focus will be on blending and fluency. In writing, our focus will still be on pencil control, writing familiar words and beginning to construct simple sentences, taking note of full stops and capital letters. Our focus in non – fiction will be on fact books about the seaside in the past and present.

 Maths: We are continuing with promoting independent maths skills but our focus will still be to learn to read and say our numbers to 100. This term we will be looking at number stories with subtraction and addition and getting these down on paper. In Ducklings we are going to be learning about halves and quarters along with doubling. This term we will support transition into year one by creating a more focused environment, in addition to the normal child led play. 

 Understanding of the World

Our first focus will look at the history of seasides and the reasons people use them. How they have change over time. We will explore our local beach.

Physical Development

Our P.E will be focused on getting ready for sports day. We will look at routine, exercise and diet and discover how these can help us to be fitter and healthier. The children will try out athletic skills this term. We shall explore what we mean by being fit and if people do this in different ways. 

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be exploring a huge range of textures and resources; we aim to create seaside boxes using junk modelling materials and we shall create beaches within our environment to explore. The children will be using all of our creative resources including role-play in their child-initiated times. This term we have a seaside shop as our role-play area.

 Homework: Homework will continue to be on the drive. We shall send this out each week with a challenge for you to do with your child. This will then be shared with the whole class. The aim of this is to give parents a voice in the children’s learning and for the child to do a fun school thing at home.

Reading: Please share the books that are sent home with your child because the more they are encouraged to share books the better reader they will become.


 Please label all items of clothing clearly! 

Despite many reminders we are still seeing many items brought into class with no names!

With thirty children it will be impossible to ensure they keep their possessions if they are not labelled.

P.E is on a Friday the children must wear their PE kits on this day. We will communicate if there are any changes.

This is a long letter but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we will be doing this Term. Our main aim as well as learning is to have lots of fun.

Thanks for your support and you are most welcome to come and ask about anything that we do!

Mrs Price and Team

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