Bewl Water- Day Two

The children rose early and were ready for the day ahead! We had a delicious cooked breakfast and were ready to start the fun! The children split off into three separate groups and took part in a carousel of activities, these included climbing, archery and axe throwing- which proved to be extremely popular!  

We headed back for a tasty lunch and took advantage of the beautiful weather and went giant paddle boarding! It was fantastic to see the children absolutely fearless in the water. We were fully equipped with wetsuits (which were very hard to get on may I add!) to prevent us from getting cold. We played relay games and team games on the paddleboards and practised our balancing skills by paddle boarding standing up! We were extremely lucky with the weather as it was very hot however by the end the children were all very ready for a warm shower!

After freshening up and a clean change of clothes, it was time for yet another delicious dinner of burgers, hot dogs and salad. I have to mention the piece de le resistance- The Bruce Bogtrotter Cake! This was a firm favourite with staff and adults! (see picture!) 

As the day was very full on, a relaxed games night was what the children asked for. Some chose to play board games and some decided to relax in their rooms. We were all very ready for bedtime! 

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