Creative Day

Today we should have been exploring the rainforest biome at Kew Gardens but as that was not possible we did our best to create a day full of fun. We made excellent progress with our DT cushions and we were so impressed with how far the children have come with their appliqué, running stitch and cross stitch. The children were able to work with more independence and create neat, ordered stitches that decorated and attached their felt pieces securely. When these cushions are complete I am sure that you will be very impressed. We had an extended playtime and enjoyed the sunshine on the bikes and other playtime equipment. We made a special trip to a secluded garden for our lunchtime picnic and enjoyed ice creams and cuddles with Missy the dog. Finally, in the afternoon the children worked in teams to build their own dens. It wasn’t the day we had planned but it was a day filled with smiles and laughter. 

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