Today Owls were sent a breaking news message asking them to investigate a crash site on the playground immediately. The children were very eager to go and investigate and took their imaginary binoculars with them to help them look for clues! We found the crash site in the Ducklings outside area, there was a spaceship, photo frame and danger tape! Some of the children examined the photo frame and used a special light to find a hidden word, which they each tried to read. When we returned to the class an email with two attachments appeared! One of the attachments led us to a story called ‘Beegu’. The story had a little space rabbit in it who had crashed on Earth and was lost and alone. The second attachment was a video from Beegu! In the video, Beegu explained she was lost and needs to find her way home. She also asked the children to tell her all about humans. The children were very quick to help Beegu and agreed to teach Beegu all about human bodies.

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