How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth

After the complete downpour this morning, Year 3 headed on to the playground to gather clues about their new book. The children looked very closely and came up with some great suggestions about what the book might be about. Discovering the giant footprints, lots of children thought it might be about the Gruffalo, Big Foot or even a massive dog. The wool trapped in the hairbrush definitely supported these suggestions too. The  shampoo, paddling pool, brushes and sponges made the children think about cooling down, washing and getting clean. There was a lot of mud so something has definitely been dirty! The umbrella made us think of Mary Poppins and the weather today could certainly help her fly in our direction. After weighing up all the clues…big, massive footprints, brown wool it clicked that maybe something could be big and wooly like a wooly a mammoth! Over the next few weeks Year 3 will be learning all about ‘How to Wash a Wooly Mammoth’ by Michelle Robinson. 

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