Women’s Euros Celebration Event

Today we took a small team of girls from Year 5 and 6 over to The Three Hills for a football celebration. They showed excellent team skills as they worked their way through the ‘Drills and Skills’ stations. Plenty of activities to keep them light on their toes, with quick feet and even quicker, accurate passes. Throughout the day the team worked tirelessly through two matches; one with social challenges and one with technical challenges. The team supported each other tremendously and should be applauded for their sportsmanship and the control and technique they were displaying , with several goals scored. The final session of the day was an inspirational workshop lead by Emma Brown. Emma Brown is a Woman’s England Deaf Futsal and Football player, playing for England on many occasions including The European World Football Championship and 2 Deaflympics competitions. She spoke to us about her career so far and showed us one of her England caps and her first England Shirt. Emma put the team through their paces in some exciting drills that also brought in the sign language that she uses in her team. The team picked it up really quickly and had smiles on the entire time.

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