Travel Round The World Day

To end our literacy unit on Travel Writing, Year 5 took part in a ‘Travel Round the World Day’. 

For our journey, we started our day with some delicious warm spring rolls kindly brought in by Pixie. It was a traditional Filipino recipe and her mum got up extra early in the morning to make sure the spring rolls were freshly made for us all! Our next stop was Rome, where the children took part in a Roman numeral code breaker! They even made their own secret messages using roman numerals. 

At break time, we were treated to another popular dish, this time from France, brought in by Anabelle called Kugelhopf. It was a sweet cake with raisins and very delicious! After break, our travels took us to Brazil in the depths of The Amazon Rainforest. The children used various musical instruments to create soundscapes of the rainforest. They thought carefully about how to use the instruments to create certain sounds. The pieces were very realistic and captured rainforest life perfectly. 

We of course visited England as well today and took part in a hockey workshop. It was fantastic to see the children building on their skills from last week. They now have more control over the ball and a better idea of shooting. 

We finished our day with yet more delicious food thanks to Alexa; a tasty treat of home- made tortillas and guacamole and a quick pit stop in India for some onion bhajis and vegetable samosas. 

It was a great day in Year 5 and a HUGE thank you to all of the grown ups! The costumes and food were absolutely amazing! I think you will agree they all looked fabulous! 

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