Victoria Topping Inspired Illustrations

Year 6 have been very busy this past term studying the illustrator of the book Mythologica, Victoria Topping. We looked at how she created illustrations to reflect the Ancient Greek Gods, Goddesses and characters from mythological stories. She chose her colour palettes carefully to reflect their key characteristics and we looked at reoccurring motifs and patterns within her work. The children then took staged photos of themselves in carefully thought out positions to reflect the God, Goddess or character they wanted to illustrate, thinking about the final composition of their piece. The children had a copy of the Mythologica book for inspiration and thought carefully about the colour scheme that best reflected their character and their use of patterns and symbols. They learnt about a new form of printing, gelli-plate printing, building on from their skills from Year 5, that some children used to add texture and pattern to their background. The end results are very impressive as I am sure you will agree. 

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