Ducklings Multi-Sports at Three Hills

On Tuesday morning, Ducklings class were invited along to a multi-sports event at The Three Hills by Shepway Sports Trust. The class, along with reception classes from other local schools, took part in lots of different sports activities. We spilt up into three groups and were given the flag of a country we were representing and took turns in the different organised activities. We got to shoot basketballs in to nets, bunny-hop over ladders laid out on the floor, knock down skittles, speed bounce, kick footballs into the goal net and even got to try seeing how far we could throw a javelin (a foam one of course!!)

We all had such a lovely morning, so thank you to Shepway Sports Trust for inviting us along and organising the event. Afterwards, we had an eventful walk back to school in some rather extreme rain and all rather enjoyed some pasta bolognaise for lunch to help warm us up.


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