Block 67 Art Workshop

Last week, Year 5 were lucky enough to take part in an art workshop at Block 67. 

The session started with a short discussion on mark making and how we can make a range of different marks with the same tool. They used pencil, sharpie, pastel and finally charcoal (which proved to be a firm favourite although a little messy!) The results were fantastic and all so very unique! 

After this the children were able to make their own tools by taping two different forms of media onto a stick. It was great to see how the forms of media complemented each other. 

Finally, the children created a still life scene just by using odds and ends. Their imagination really came to life; we had trees, mobiles and even a machine! They worked well as part of a group to create these scenes. They then had to draw the still life. 

It was a fabulous morning and the children’s behaviour was amazing. Thank you to Tania at Block 67 for a wonderful, creative morning! 

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