9th November 2022

Soil Investigations

This afternoon, in Year 3, we were busy being soil detectives. We had three different soil samples that we had to look at and see what the soil was made up of. We found things like: twigs, leaves, conker shells, stones, worms, centipedes, slugs, roots, plants, seeds and bark. We spoke about how soil is Continue reading

Indian Inspired Hand Dance

Today Ducklings had a special dance session. James the dance teacher came in to teach us some new movements, using our hands. We explored hand movements to pour water, scoop water and letting it fall through our hands. We used our magic hands to combine the movements, creating a fabulous lotus flower routine. Finally we Continue reading

Sikhi Week

This week we have been engaging in a Sikhi themed week and have been learning all about the religion of Sikhism. On Tuesday we learnt about gurdwara and the special flag which is found outside of the gurdwara. The children created their own flag and drew the Khanda symbol on their flag. Today the children Continue reading

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