14th November 2022

Sikh life

Eagles have been learning about the Sikh way of life. Vaisakhi is one of the most important dates in the Sikh calendar and usually occurs in the spring. It is a day to celebrate 1699 – the year when Sikhism was born as a collective faith. This included creating a special bowl filled with sugar Continue reading

Eagles Archers

Eagles had the opportunity to learn some new skills by having an archery lesson. Great listening skills were observed and showed important health and safety measures were followed. The bows were a bit tricky to hold while loading the arrow, but we soon mastered this, some fine archers soon became apparent. 

Remembrance Day

Eagles have been busy understanding the significance of why we wear poppies. We watched a short film, and discussed why the music made us feel different and created some poppy wreaths. Some people could explain the significance and where these wreaths are placed in Folkestone and shared their knowledge with the class. 

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Social club

This week in social club the children had their dance session. They had to think…

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