Christmas Coding

Today each class continued developing their coding skills and demonstrating their learning.  Each lesson began by reminding the children of online safety. Each class recapped the meaning of SMART and explored a number of real world online safety scenarios.

In years 3, 4, 5 and 6 the children were set a task to create a winter scene. Once they had created their scene, the children had to apply their coding skills to animate their scene. This gave all the children an opportunity to use what they have learnt and then apply it. The children had lots of fun and showed their creative imaginations. In year 6 two girls created their own catching games, while one boy created a Christmas argument between Santa and the Grinch.

In Ducklings, the children began using their creative skills to design and decorate a number of winter themed art projects. The children decorated their own Christmas trees, Christmas jumpers and winter scenes. This involved the children using Ipads, watching a short video, scrolling up and down on the touch screen and selecting the choice of pen they wanted to use, selecting the size of ink they wanted, carefully applying pressure to the screen on the location they wanted to draw and correcting any mistakes they have made. They then explained their artwork to an adult. Everyone also had fun using the Mashcams, placing their face on the template of a snowman, Santa, shepherd or elf.

In years, 1 and 2 the children began exploring how to create a scene, including adding characters. Once the children had created their scene, the children then explored how adding code could animate it. This was lots of fun and allowed the children to explore how to begin creating their own animated algorithms. Year 2 also began exploring the use of timers in their algorithms.

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