Gingerbread Houses

This term in Year 6 our DT lessons have been a gingerbread house project. The children first split into teams and decided on ideas. They then had to create a prototype which was a cardboard net, for what they wanted their house to look like (this would also be used as a template to cut out their gingerbread pieces. They then spent two session working together to create two batches of gingerbread dough, carefully following a recipe and accurately measuring the ingredients. At the end of the first batch there were a few groups with a very wet textured dough but the second batch was perfect for every group. The following session was spent rolling out the dough and cutting the pieces they needed, using their cardboard templates. The dough was then baked and carefully stuck together with hot caramel glue by Mrs Purver. The final session finally arrived and this week the children got to decorate their gingerbread houses and it has to be said they are truly magnifient. The children have worked so hard this term and should be very proud of their festive creations.

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