Pelham House and Yr 4

This afternoon it was Yr 4s turn to read and chat with the residents at Pelham House. The children were very excited at the prospect and were really great at reading but especially good chatting with everyone.

Viking Peg Dolls

For Art last term Year 4 were exploring textiles and to tie in with their historical topic the children created a Viking inspired costume. The children chopped up vegetables to dye the white cotton. The butternut squash and red cabbage created a wonderfully pigmented fabric. The children then built on from their Year 3 sewing Continue reading

The Great Fire of London

During art this week we designed and decorated Tudor houses using materials which we have discovered would have been used in buildings of the time. Discussions were had about why the materials were preferred at the time and how and why they were altered after the Great Fire of 1666. Some of us decided that Continue reading

Eagles Bakers

In relation to our topic of The Great Fire of London we made bread. While preparing the dough we compared the differences of the texture and changes that occoured. Super strength was used to knead the dough creating a soft round roll. Great fun was had by all.

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