Reversible and Irreversible changes in Science.

Today in Science, the children were experimenting by heating materials to see if the change was reversible or irreversible.  We first thought about the fact that a reversible change is when a material can be changed back to its former state, for example when ice melts to form water, it can be frozen back to ice again. Then we identified what an irreversible change was and how the material cannot be changed back to how it was before. For example when wood is burned to make ash, it cannot be changed back to wood again. 
We used a tea light to heat some materials in foil trays and observed the changes. Some of the materials melted then burnt which meant the change was irreversible, however some of the materials just melted which meant the change was reversible. 
The children worked carefully and methodically through the experiment. It was a fantastic start to our day, even though our class ended up a little smelly!

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