The (not so) Secret Life of a Duckling…

We are always very busy in Ducklings class, so we thought it would be nice to put together a small collection of a few of the things we have been getting up to so you can have a little glipmse into Duckling life.

In Maths we have been practising counting and recognising numbers, we have been starting to look at number sentences and beginning to understand that we can add two numbers together and make a new number. We learnt how to play number tennis and we bounced the numbers back and forth to each other with our bats on the carpet which everyone enjoyed.

We have been talking about our differences in PSHE and how these make us who we are, and unique. We always start by telling the class how we are feeling and why we might feel that way.

We have been working on our fine motor skills by using all the threading toys.

On a Thursday morning we meet up with our buddies and do buddy reading. Everyone enjoys this, we get to read our books to our buddies and they get to read a chapter of their own reading books to the ducklings and tell them about the story they have been enjoying.

In Art we have been working on our class project of building a dinosaur, so far it has a body and a head, two eyes, just one arm, however we havent yet managed the legs. We have decided he is a Tyranasaurus Rex and we are adding to him each week and everyone gets to join in.

And of course we have been enjoying spending time playing games together in the playground.

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