20th January 2023

Eagles Independent Learning

Eagles have been busy this week building their ideas for their Independent Learning. Some of the projects have to be left to dry before they can be refined. We have showed understanding of planning and researching an idea before beginning it, then allowing time to decide how we will finish it.  

Eagles Water Colour Pictures

During our Art Lesson this week we experimented with water colours and a black crayon, we outlined the City of London as the Great Fire began in the early hours. Using our knowledge and understanding from our Talk for Writing, we were able to depict the luminocity of the fire in the distance.  Great care Continue reading

Eagles PE

Today we learnt a new game called Dodge Ball. Using our ability of changing direction, as fast as the wind, we skillfully ran the gauntlet from one end of the hall to the other. We supported each other with cheering and congratulated those who managed to dodge the ball.

Burning Materials In Science

This week Year 5 had a fun morning experimenting with burning materials in science.  To begin with, we looked at the fire triangle and understood that all three components had to be present to create fire; if one component was removed, the triangle was broken therefore extinguishing the fire.   The children had an array of Continue reading

Circus Time!

This week in gymnastics, we focused on performing skills and choregraphing routines. The children chose between hula hoops, pom poms or ribbons to make their routine effective. The routine had to include certain elements such as a balance, a roll and involve different levels. They worked incredibly well in their groups and produced some exciting Continue reading

Social club

Recently in social club, we have been experimenting with different materials. The children have made models and towers using newspaper, tin foil and card. Social club have also been creating our new display board. Which is a winter bird theme. We have played with the parachute, built with Lego and used the iPads. 

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