Burning Materials In Science

This week Year 5 had a fun morning experimenting with burning materials in science. 

To begin with, we looked at the fire triangle and understood that all three components had to be present to create fire; if one component was removed, the triangle was broken therefore extinguishing the fire.  

The children had an array of different materials and held them carefully over a tealight with tongs and observed how the material changed. Some created a few flames whereas others created lots of smoke (and sometimes a strong smell!). 

We linked this to our last week’s science lesson and how the change with burning materials is irreversible meaning we cannot get it back. The children also understood this was a chemical change, meaning a new substance was formed (the smoke or gases). 

The children worked incredibly sensibly and safely as always and were carefully reminded not to try any experiments at home without adult supervision. Another fab science experiment for Year 5! 

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