Fish Out Of Water MCDC Dance Company

Today years 4, 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch a dance performance and then year 5 enjoyed a workshop. 

Fish Out Of Water is a fresh, multi-disciplinary outdoor dance performance, which explores themes of
belonging, otherness, displacement and migrancy. It was an interactive world of hip hop &
contemporary dance, colourful sculptures and live, responsive music by Randolph Matthews.
It tells the story of a group of migrants who must overcome personal struggles of leaving a place of familiarity, finding their way in strange environments, and making a home somewhere new. 
The dancers communicated the themes of the piece with humour and emotion while Randolph Matthews’
unique soundscape, singing and spoken word created layers of meaning. His live and responsive sound design used vocals and looping drawn from the audience’s interaction making the performance unique.

The dancers interacted playfully with the audience, transforming colourful perspex into different objects
through their imagination. They invited audience members to interact with simple dance moves and sounds through response & mirror games. 

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