Knights, Kings and Worship Leaders!

Our trip to Canterbury Cathedral began with Worship Leaders from years five and six dressing up in traditional knight, kings, queen and monk costumes. This really bought stories of the cathedral to life as we explored. During our tour of the beautiful Cathedral we began by learning about the Archbishops past and present. We found out that the current Archbishop is going to crown our new King in the coronation soon!

We then delved into the wonderful, rich history of the Cathedral, including learning about our very own St Eanswythe! One of our favourite parts was exploring the herb garden that once belonged the Monastery.  Things then got a little bit gory when we learnt about Thomas Becket and his death in the Cathedral. But perhaps the most magical moment took place in the crypt, a beautiful and serene part of the Cathedral. We all sat together, lit a prayer candle and prayed together including our school prayer.

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