Term 5 Computing Week 4

Friday 5th May

In Reception, the children focused their learning on the coronation. The children had great fun using a variety of different art resources to design their own cake, castle and crown. The children then began developing the skill of saving their work and then handing it in. Many of the children were able to login to purple mash and now some of the children are beginning to save their own work and hand it in. Well done Ducklings!

In year 1, the children began a short series on creating an e-book. The children used the tool 2create a story to create and design their own character. There was a wide variety of different animals, ranging from sharks, cats, dinosaurs and penguins, plus many others. The children then began to add a movement onto their eBook, truly making it exciting.

In year 2, the children continued a short series on questioning. For this activity, the children helped Mr O’Neon create a binary tree, using the characters from last week. The children had to help Mr O’Neon create questions to help the class separate the characters. Well done year 2!

In year 3, the children continued a topic on communication. For today’s activity, the children had begun to learn and send emails to other members of the class. This was very exciting for the children. All the children were shown how to compose an email, select the person or people they wish to send it to and then how to look for a reply. Importantly, the children were shown the button they needed to press if they were upset or worried

In year 4, the children continued their topic on programming. The children recapped the commands they used last week to create shapes. After recapping, the children began using new commands on how to raise the pen and lower the pen in order to draw different letters. The children were fantastic, especially when debugging a set of commands.

In year 5, the children continued their topic on concept maps. This week the children were working in collaboration with another child in the class. The children used the tool 2connect and what was written on one screen, appeared on all the screens in the group. The children were fantastic and created lots of different presentations.

In year 6, the children had another fantastic session creating their own mini movies. This involved the children selecting a background, recording a short scene in front of a green or blue screen and then overlaying it. Groups were encouraged to include sound effects or audio voice-overs.

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