Term 5 Computing 6

Friday 19th May

In year 2, the children finished a short series on questioning. Today, the children had to use a database to find the answers to a variety of questions. This involved the children using a file search, different drop box options and locating and sorting information. This was tricky but the year 2 class were amazing.

In year 3, the children finished a topic on communication. For today’s activity, the children answered a quiz on staying safe. The children had to answer a variety of questions and decide if the question or scenario was safe or unsafe. After this, the children continued sending each other emails. Without being asked, today the children began using the report to teacher button if they received an email they were unsure of. Well done year 3.

In year 4, 5 and 6 the children enjoyed exploring 2logo. This is a programme, which allows the user to set directional commands for the turtle to follow. Today, we explored creating our own procedures rather than repeating commands. This allowed the children to make wonderful sunflower patterns. Some children even began setting commands for each side of the shape to be a different colour. Their creations were amazing!

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